Trust Awards

Akio Hayashi Life Membership $500
Awards & Donations

The funds that allow NCLSA to sponsor individual's eyesight needs in our Community are generated by the interest from Trust Funds.  These Trust Funds are in large part, funded by the awards shown on this page.  Please support NCLSA by purchasing these awards for your Club Members, Business Associates and Friends. 

There are different levels and prices to consider NCLSA Awards not only make your recipient's feel special, they help to fund future eye-related surgeries, and can be purchased with community funds.

View our awards table at next Cabinet Meeting.

Awards Chair
Director Lion Cecille Presley
Please write checks payable to
Mail To:
NCLSA - Awards
Lion Cecille Presley
2497 Starling Lane
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Knights of the Blind Honoring Helen Keller $300

Past International Kay K. Fukushima

Gordon C. Daniels Associate Member $200

Fred O. Summer Fellowship $125

Paul Shimada Plaque $75

PDG Larry Turbovsky $100